To Run or Not to Run? Teaching, family and running!

I may just be a bit soft but i’m really struggling to get a work/life/run balance at the moment!  Many runners talk of endless miles over the summer due to lighter and warmer nights but i have seen a definite decrease in mileage this year.

I can’t put my finger on the main reason but hope i’m not the only one.  Teaching is a great job and i wouldn’t change a thing but the summer term was manic and i really found it hard to find time to run around looming deadlines, school events, family events and just general tiredness.  I hoped that this would go at the final summer bell went but this year it has stayed like a ball and chain!

As we moved into the summer break i really couldn’t find my motivation to get out on the road.  I have felt tired through the whole summer and have tried regain my speed post marathon training through hill work and speed intervals but i normally long to get out and run long runs.  I find them great to clear my head of work and life and find them great for reverting back to a bit of ‘me time’ away from the chaos of work and family life.  This urge has not been there to get out and i really cannot work out why.

I have never been one for hot runs i find overheating far more unpleasent than being too cold.  I have always been the same, maybe due to playing ice-hockey for 8 years.  But I long for the damp winter nights, with a head torch and layers i have always found it easier to run in the dark over the warm, bug filled summer evenings.

We have had a busy summer but for a change the weather has been kind but my runivation has been missing.  As we move into autumn i hope to regain focus as i have several races coming up (Great West Run, Rockingham Duathlon as well as the fab Wildrunning night series)  I know i feel slow and heavy so hope that i can regain focus and start to move faster and with more purpose.

But in the meantime if anyone finds my runivation please can you return it!!

I will keep you posted as the nights draw in and i hope my mileage goes up!

Happy Running


One thought on “To Run or Not to Run? Teaching, family and running!

  1. Ponypal01

    ‘Runivation’ , I like that word! You may need to assess your vitamin and mineral levels. It’s easy with a busy lifestyle to be depleted in them. For example, iron of course but you need vitamin C for absorption. Magnesium is important for muscles to work. Selenium and B vits definitely help with mood. I swear by lentils, beans, nuts and seeds added to my daily food to keep the levels up. Sweating/perspiring when running will deplete these more in the summer. I’ve been ill for 5 yrs and cured myself. I have researched so much, I am now doing a diploma in sports nutrition aged 50!


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