Beginning to Tri, episode 1

“I’m going to do a Triathlon in 2016!” right I have said it, it’s out there, I cannot take it back! So I’m in my 41st year, since my 38th Birthday I have taken up running competed in 5, 10kms half and a full marathon both on trail and road and in the day and at night apart from training harder and trying to get faster I want a new challenge!  I have been doing several stints hosting @UKTriChat of late and the seed has been well and truly sowed.  It can’t be that hard to switch from just running to Tri? I can ride a bike and swim; it shouldn’t be that hard should it?

So I have said it, now I have to concur it!  After a failed attempted at a Duathlon in November due to high winds I think I just need to go for it but it does fill me with some dread.  Triathlon is a whole new world, I feel fairly happy and comfortable talking running now and with the experiences I have gained I a short time I feel happy to support others and now call on the same from seasoned Triathletes.

I started my journey to Tri by looking at my options, like running there seems to be lots! Pool, lake and sea swims, Trail, road, track even indoor bike and runs not to mention the many choices of distance!  So where do I start? At this stage I’m not truly sure (advice please readers) I have seen lots of statements on races ‘Ideal for novices’ but am I a novice? Should I push myself both in challenge and distance?

Also there seems to be so much kit involved! Running is fairly easy: Trainers, gym kit.. GO.  But it’s completely different in Triathlon – Bike, Helmet, shoes, tri suit – one piece or shorts and top, Wetsuit, goggles.  I’m hoping the team at wiggle will be able to help me to get the kit that is right for me, not the cheapest, shiniest or trendiest but kit that is right for my level of experience and need.

Then I need to start to look at fitting in 3 types of training.  I can no longer fit in runs around the family and work but need to get laps in the pool and miles on the bike alongside the distance in my trainers.  It’s not going to be easy but I’ve said it, I cannot go back on it now.

Stage 1 is to get back in the pool!!


2 thoughts on “Beginning to Tri, episode 1

  1. Hi, where are you based? It’s probably best to do a triathlon near you if you can.

    Feels a bit pushy mentioning my own log at but it is aimed at encouraging people into triathlon. I have written some posts on open water swimming there. Hope you find something of interest there although you will see that I am new at this blogging lark!

    Good luck.


  2. Nick V

    My first sprint tri is at the end of March and I am buzzing already. the training has been very specific, heart rate zone 2. Cadence for cycle and run of at least 90, focusing on form. The intensity is just picking up as are the brick sessions. Another 3 week build period is just starting with 8 hrs of training, 3 swims, 3 runs and 3 cycle sessions. With added core, lower body strengthening and run drills and 1 rest day. This Sunday sees a 50 minute pool session with 3 sets of 400, building pace over the 400, followed by a 1hour 15 cycle in zone 2, followed by a 25 minute zone 3 run off the bike. First races are 400m pool swims, 21k on the bike, followed by 5k on foot. By end of the season, I hope to step up to Olympic distance. I haven’t spent a fortune on kit (partner may disagree) I already had a sub £1,000 road bike and have promised that I won’t get a new bike till I lose enough weight to merit a carbon bike. My tri-suit cost me 15 quid and my goggles a tenner. Any other kit expenses are what I would have spent if I had stuck to running. The club I joined has been fantastic and a breath of fresh air after being involved in rowing previously. Even though it is not a team sport,the support and help from all the club members has been fantastic and we have a fantastic support team in place. I just hope I enjoy the first race as much as I have the training….and the learning to swim. Good luck and Godspeed.


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