Begining to Tri. Episode 4 – All the Gear but Broken!

So 3 weeks on from Bath Half I sit on a wet Sunday afternoon wanting to train but following Jenny’s orders I’m taking it easy.  The ruptured L5 disc is on the mend from trying to take it easy, simple stretch’s and filling myself with Ibuprofen and amitriptyline (a drug used for depression but in low doses it’s great to suppress nerve pain and help speed up recovery!).  Now taking it easy in my head is possibly different from my physio.  I don’t like sitting around and don’t like being in the house (Don’t get me wrong it is a nice house!) Normally I would be in the pool at the moment doing laps/ playing with the kids or be out doing something but I’m trying to be good and rest.

So since my last episode I have begun to build my racing kit, well what else is there to do when your broken!  The Guys at have been great and after realising very quickly I’m not the normal triathlete shape they have sent me a Pearl Izumi 2 piece.  They have sent me a top and shorts from the elite Tri range  & First impression were how smart it was and trying it on, it fitted really well and felt great. Sadly I have not ha chance to test it out in anger but I hope to get the nod next week to get back in the pool and go for a ‘light’ jog.

I have managed to do a few swim sessions making sure I have listened to my body and not pushed too hard.  I have done a mix of sessions including an outright 2km swim, Interval sessions and pyramid sessions.  These sessions were not made any easier by losing my best goggles to the goggle monster (If you have never heard of him, he lives next to the Sock Monster and likes to take peoples goggles so they can’t find them!) training in a bad pair of goggles is like running in daps! So this is my next investment!

I have booked 2 races so far and was ready to book more until this slight blip and I’m keen to get a pool super sprint Tri in early as soon as I’m given the all clear as stepping up to a Tri in open water as your first is not the best way forward.  My first event of my Tri season is the Dart duo  a wild swim Aquathon.   It wasn’t until I began this journey I realised how many local events there are in the South West.  A friend/bully/Strength & Conditioning coach Beef (@itsbeef) keeps sending me links to local events with: ‘perfect build up’ alongside each one.  To be fair I haven’t looked as I know I will boo a few of them!

So with a week of the Easter holidays left and a physio appointment later this week, what are my plans?  I hope to continue to hit the pool and keep my swimming up, I want to work on distance and speed so will be doing several different sessions.  I hope that I will get the nod to start light running and a bit of commuting on the bit and start some easy turbo.  Depending on how that all goes I hope to get a wetsuit and maybe even brave the outdoor swim! Or maybe the outdoor pool at first!

Happy Tri-ing


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