Beginning To Tri, Episode 6 – Uphill Struggle

So it happened, I finally got the mod from my physio, Jennie from Quay Kinetics to start running and cycling.  I have to still take it steady and let my back recover and listen to my body BUT I can start to train for races!

So Friday I thought i’d test my legs out and do a easy dreadmill session.  I had Jennie’s message of don’t try and come back at 100mph and just test it out and work out what you can get away with so that I did.  I set myself a 2km challenge, no time pressure just a 2km run without any injury but I was pleased that I was able to turn my legs over at 11kmph with no pain.  I still have a way to go but it’s a start!

As well as my first run in weeks I was also doing another first… A tri sea swim!  My friends are members of Exeter Triathlon Club and they have planned their first sea swim of the season.  I got invited along and was really keen to try my Zone3 wetsuit that I have on test as well as the Lomo Watersports Tow Float and Zogg Aqua Flex titanium goggles.

You would think you could guarantee the weather in May but waking up to high winds and grey skies were not what I wanted to see! But I still drove to Budleigh Salterton to meet with the Tri Club.  I was really pleased for my Zone3 Parka as it was pretty cold on the beach but I was determined to swim.  So a quick change into my wetsuit and a hobble down the stone beach (Must remember flip flops next time!)   we got in!

With a total of 14 swimmers we set off parallel to the beach, we split into 2 different speed groups and headed along the coast.  I quickly realised I need to work on my sighting! if you tracked my route it would have looked like a saw blade! I kept up and didn’t swallow much sea water! I tried to breathe and sight as much as possible between the swell and soon got into the hang of it.  It was cold, my toes could feel it but it was OK.  We did about 300m  before turning around and swam back. 600m for my first sea swim, i was pretty chuffed to keep up with the faster group too.

Getting out was interesting and getting out of my wetsuit with cold fingers was tough (Must practice T1!).  I had survived my first open water swim though and actually loved it!  Getting my parka back on and having some hot SiS GO Electrolyte Raspberry sorted me out.

So now that i’m back to normal training i hope to make bigger gains in all aspects.  I need to get back out on the bike as well as build my miles and speed back up on my runs.  I have lots of test kit piling up to test now that i’m getting back to normality which also will mean more reviews to write!  So first Aquathon in July, I want to maybe get another race in before too but i need to be sensible and build slowly!


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