Product Review – Pearl Izumi Pursuit Triathlon Singlet and Shorts

I have come to terms with the fact that a tri suit is not going to fit so started to look into 2 pieces!  At 168cm with a inside leg of 26cm! and a chest of 106cm my short/stocky rugby player build is hard to fit into the normal Triathlete shape.

The guys at PI UK took my measurements and sent me a 2 piece for me to test on my request which i have been training in for the past 6 weeks.  They sent me the PI Elite Pursuit Singlet and the PI Elite Pursuit Shorts.

First impressions was how smart it looks.  The black/grey combination looks smart and the pockets are of a good shape and size.  I tried it on and the fit is good but the proof would always been in the testing!

For the first 3 weeks of the test i was injured and reduced to pool only training.  I decided to see how it felt in the pool ad used it at least 2 times a week in the pool (Mainly just Shorts).  I have swam in the top a few times without a wetsuit and the top is close fitting and you do not notice it at all, the same can be said for the shorts.  They felt the same as my normal jammers and even with breaststroke you hardly notice the pad.

I have also noticed how quick it dries, i have done some swim to bike brick sessions and noticed that they dry very quickly and there is no soggy nappy feeling.  The pad is substantial enough for longer rides and caused me no chaffing.  The leg grippers are good and stop the shorts moving and a substantial waist tie does the same at the other end.  The Top is long enough not to ride up at the back and the pockets work well.  The 3/4 zip is good and helps with cooling both on the bike and the run.

I have done several runs in this kit and love it.  I have done runs off the bike in these as well as stand alone sessions.  The pad is cut well and i never notice it on my sessions and as with cycling the fit is good and hardly moves.

I have been impressed by the envelope pockets on the top and shorts as they are easy to get into and a good size.  The additional mesh pockets on the shorts are great also for storing a phone or gels and stuffing on the move and i tend to use these the most.

I have worn both the top and bottoms under my wetsuit on several occasions and find they sit well.  There doesn’t seem to be an issue with rolling or gathering. and the chest zip is small enough not to dig in under my suit.

PI Pursuit Shorts

I have been really impressed with both the top and shorts.  The PI prints have not pealed even though they have been through many washes and several sauna sessions.  I love the colours and they look really smart.  I’m yet to race in them but really can’t wait to!  If you prefer 2 pieces or like me, are not in proportion i would have a look at these!


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