Return of the Blog: Running, Leading and Blog Mojo

Forgive me blogger for i have sinned! it has been ages since my last entry, well since my last blog as i found time to write a review earlier for the Garmin FR935!

I really cannot put my finger on it but i have struggled with blog mojo and to be fair a bit of run mojo since London Triathlon.  Life in the Upston house has been busy.  After an amazing 3 week trip to Europe in the camper over the summer and hitting the ground sprinting with work and my wife starting a new job.  Life has been busy and i lost time and priorities to blog.


(One of our many amazing views from our summer trip)

As we now move into November a string of events lead me back to grabbing a coffee and logging back on to my blog.  One of the first reasons was my running club.  I have the pleasure of organising the UKRCExeter running club with its varied group of runners.  whenever i feel my run mojo waning i just need to spend some time with them.  They are a real mix of runners both age and speed but we all get on, train hard and have fun.  One of our runners has just started to blog and her blog about our Club made me smile (RachelsBlog) She has placed in words what i feel but it’s great to hear others get it.

The other main reason i have come back to it happened today.  The usual Exe Coffee Roasters Velo ride was called off for a number of reasons so i got a rare chance to hit the Exeter parkrun with the club.  The club was somewhat depleted due to people being away but 3 of us hit the quay and 1 other was volunteering.  I love doing parkruns when i get a chance to push people to achieve PBs.  I get more joy from this than my own racing and today was a special day.

One of our club runners has developed both in confidence, fitness and speed over the time i have known her.  This is not down to the club, i think we may have helped but mainly through her own grit and determination.  Today she took a whole 3 minutes of her PB and i was so chuffed to have helped her do it!


(The UKRCExeter crew who ran Exeter parkrun today)

PB smashing is about going to that dark place, i commonly call the hurt box.  If you want a PB you need to climb in and spend some time in there.  On this occasion i saw her climb in and close the lid!! i felt so good to see her achieve it, it’s made me re focus on my own goals.

I need to get my backside back out and run.  Life is a great excuse if you let it but i need to get back on my own PB train and jump 2 feet back in the box.  I have a few events that i want to do this season so time is ticking!


  1. December – Dart Dart Dash – 10km Night Trail Race
  2. January – Wild Night Run – 10mile Night Trail Race
  3. March – Weston Super Mare Half 
  4. April – London Marathon
  5. June – Classic Quarter
  6. August – London Triathlon
  7. October – Great West Run

I’m aiming for them all but i’m not sure how many i will achieve but i would like to say all of them as they all have reasons for why i want to do them, each has a purpose and each is a challenge in their own right.  I know some peoples race calendars are busier but this will do me!  Onwards and upwards!

So i hope this is the ‘return of the blog mojo’ i have several reviews to write as well as lots of thoughts on topics an themes for more personal ones as well as i need to document the years wild swimming challenge but that will all have to wait as now i need to go and get the volunteers sorted for tomorrows junior parkrun!!

Happy Running.


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