Snugs Custom fit earphones review

The team at Snugs earphones arranged for me to get some custom fit earphones made up.  The company have been making quality earphones for a while now.  A company based on filling the need for good fitting waterproof earphones for sports like Kite surfing and Kayaking now do a large range of other earphones too.

The concept of these earphones are that they are moulded to fit you ears by either 3D scanning or the traditional mould system used by audiologists.  The fact they are made to fit your ears means they are less likely to fall out.  I have a waterproof MP3 that i use on swim sessions but i was continually struggling and getting frustrated as the earphones would never stay put and fell out regardless of how much i have spent on plugs.

So after a visit to my local spec savers where i had my moulds taken, i sent them off to Snugs to have my earphones made.  I chose to have some waterproof plugs made as if they can stay in when i’m swim training i’m sure they will work else where!

2 weeks later i received my new earphones.  They come in a handy little holder that can clip to your bag and even have my name printed on the side!  The real proof was in the fitting……. I tried them at home to see how they fitted.  i even tried them wit my MP3 in the bath.  They fitted very well and i was impressed with the sound quality.


Next was to try them at the pool!  So my first trial was a tough 50m sprint interval session.  They didn’t fall out once, felt comfortable and kept away the boredom of pool swimming.  I tried them also on a 2500m swim set too and same again, no movement, fitted well and good sound.

Not that i condone swimming in the sea with earphones in but i also wanted to see if the cold/Devon waves may have an effect and found the still fitted well and sounded great.

So throughout the summer i have continued to use them in my swim weekly sessions and found they have continued to fit well and sound great.  I have also used them on run sessions and found they fit just as well and don’t fall out.

Now the guys at snugs say the sound quality is better with the non waterproof headphones but i found them to be great.  They also offer wired and wireless non waterproof options as well as some very cool true wireless.  With the non waterproof earphones you can also choose your Earphones from Beats and sound magic.

With prices starting at £199 for new customers but once you have a mould created the price is reduced to £169.  They are not cheap but the fit and quality is great.

If you are looking for a pair of custom fit earphones i would look at Snugs.  The ability to customise and create a unique pair of earphones is great.  customer service is fab and the product is really good!

Snugs 2


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