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When do you write the season off?

So i’m sat here on the sofa 2 days before my first Open Water race thinking my season is over before it has begun!  After a rubbish start to the year after injuring my back at Bath Half training never really started and I haven’t really started beck to running!  Training was slow to begin with but my swimming and Bike sessions got longer and i grew faster, fitter and stronger.

Then it happened!  OK i’m a teacher and i know the reality of that and what happens but i never expected to get wiped out with a summer cold 2 weeks before the end of term and just before my first Open Water swimming race and also my first Triathlon.

People joke about teachers and their long holidays but between training and a majorly hectic work schedule we get to the end of term literally on our knees, which in turn wipes your immune system and you get ill.  Visiting the many schools i do as a Primary PE Specialists i was prone to more germs than most but i have never been wiped out like this.

So first it was a sore throat but i carried on with my training, treating it with the usual Paracetamol and Ibuprofen but rather than getting better it has gone to my chest.  Continual tiredness a hacking cough and a tight chest has stopped all training for the past 2 1/2 weeks.

I sit here with 1 day of term left feeling slightly better.  I tested my lungs out last night with a 1 km pool swim and came out OK.  So to swim or not to swim in 2 days time?  The 1 mile swim i am doing is around Burgh Island, Devon for charity, I may not race it but it wont hurt to do it?  Right?

So training for this first year of Tri is not going well, with my first Sprint Triathlon on the 7th August at a local race in North Devon.  I’m definitely not going to be at my prime but i don’t want to write the season off just yet, however going into a new venture no where near prepared as i want to be does fill me with fear.

But i’m not quite ready to throw the towel in just yet, i guess i need to except i’m not at my best but use it as a learning experience ready for a full season next year!


To Run or Not to Run? Teaching, family and running!

I may just be a bit soft but i’m really struggling to get a work/life/run balance at the moment!  Many runners talk of endless miles over the summer due to lighter and warmer nights but i have seen a definite decrease in mileage this year.

I can’t put my finger on the main reason but hope i’m not the only one.  Teaching is a great job and i wouldn’t change a thing but the summer term was manic and i really found it hard to find time to run around looming deadlines, school events, family events and just general tiredness.  I hoped that this would go at the final summer bell went but this year it has stayed like a ball and chain!

As we moved into the summer break i really couldn’t find my motivation to get out on the road.  I have felt tired through the whole summer and have tried regain my speed post marathon training through hill work and speed intervals but i normally long to get out and run long runs.  I find them great to clear my head of work and life and find them great for reverting back to a bit of ‘me time’ away from the chaos of work and family life.  This urge has not been there to get out and i really cannot work out why.

I have never been one for hot runs i find overheating far more unpleasent than being too cold.  I have always been the same, maybe due to playing ice-hockey for 8 years.  But I long for the damp winter nights, with a head torch and layers i have always found it easier to run in the dark over the warm, bug filled summer evenings.

We have had a busy summer but for a change the weather has been kind but my runivation has been missing.  As we move into autumn i hope to regain focus as i have several races coming up (Great West Run, Rockingham Duathlon as well as the fab Wildrunning night series)  I know i feel slow and heavy so hope that i can regain focus and start to move faster and with more purpose.

But in the meantime if anyone finds my runivation please can you return it!!

I will keep you posted as the nights draw in and i hope my mileage goes up!

Happy Running