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Aqua Sphere Kayenne – Polarised Review

I was given a pair of the new Aqua Sphere Kayenne Polarised goggles from the team at Aqua SphereUK to test towards the end of the season with London Triathlon being a great opportunity to try them in anger.

The new goggles come in at a RRP of £31.99 and have many new features.  They have the new curved lenses for better view as well as a more comfortable no pinch Latex free seal and easy fit side buckles.

I do love the fact that the Aqua Sphere goggles come in a hard case as it means they can live in my swim bag without fear of them being bent or creased when other things are stuffed in.  They look smart and sleek and i love the black frames with a little colour splash (mine are yellow)

Initial fit felt good, i did notice the vision was very good and the lens kept everything crisp and clear even with the polarised lenses.  I was keen to get these into open water to see how they perform in the sun and glare.  Luckily my training over the summer is done in Exeter Universities Outdoor pool so i had lots of opportunity to try this in a pool as well as Lake, sea and river.

The polarised lens do a great job in the sun and reduce glare and allow you to retain good vision.  The reduction in glare came into it’s own both on London Tri race day but also on training swims in the sea on sunny days,  It really makes sighting much easier.  I found the goggles were really good for not fogging up even on max effort sessions.

Although they are polarised i have had to use these at times in the indoor pool and found that they vision was still good making these a good option for a 1 goggle fits all for the Triathlete.

Goggle fit relies allot on your face shape but i found these goggles fitted really well and didn’t need to be super tight to stay leak free.  They were really comfy on my nose and i found them really easy to adjust.  They feel secure and don’y move, even with dive entry.

I chose to use these goggles for my London Triathlon.  Even with losing my cap on the swim i found these stayed securely on my head (i wear my cap over the top) and i had no issue with fogging on the 1500m dockland swim.  As mentioned before with no glare issues it made sighting easy and quicker too.

So as the season comes to an end and the sunshine starts to disappear these are still the goggles i go for on my training swims.  They have lasted well, still looking brand new.  I feel these will last well even when being used in chlorinated pools and salt water due to their build quality and materials.

What would i change??? Maybe some different colour choices but apart from that, Nothing!!

Pool Swim

Happy training



AquaSphere Kameleon Goggles Review

Price – £9.99 – £10.99

The team at Aqua Sphere have just sent me a new pair of goggles to test as they know I do love their goggles!  As I train in their MP EXCEED on a weekly basis I was a little worried how I may find their latest product as this is aim at the other end of the market.

The Kameleon will be released in January and is their new entry level goggle and will come in Men, ladies as well as a kids’ version and they will be offering choices of lenses and frame colours to please everyone.

Although this is far cheaper than the EXCEED they boast some of the same technology.  The vision is great as they have the same style of curved 180 lenses with UVA/UVB protection of their other models.

The fit was good (Goggles fit however is subject to face shape!) and I have not had any leakage problems.  The soft gasket makes them comfortable to wear and the simple back of the head buckle for adjustment made them easy to fit.  They have a single head strap which may not be to your liking but I found this not to be an issue.

I have used these as part of my normal training, this includes long swims, speed sets as well as lots of other drills that I’m forced to do!  I have not as of yet had issues with fogging as they have an anti-fogging coating on the lenses.

The thing I like about AquaSphere goggles is the fact they come in a box.  My goggles get thrown in my swim bag and left from session to session.  The box is sturdy and protects them from getting damaged and an added extra to what already is a great product.

So if I had the choice between the MP’s or the Kameleons obviously I would choose the MP but they cast nearly 5 times more than the Kameleons.  The fit and design does not put the Kameleons in the same bracket as other ‘budget’ goggles that you can buy at this cost and would be a great option for the occasional swimmer or a spare pair for a keen swimmer.  This would be a great option as a clear/indoor pair if you wanted to get a more expensive mirrored/polarized racing/outdoor pair.


MP Hand Paddles Review

When i was sent these from the team at Aquasphere to test as part of their new Micheal Phelps range i was surprised on the size.  I have a pair of aquashere ones already which i have found a great help in developing my strength in training but i was worried about these would be too big.  But proof is in the training.

I have used these on many pool sessions now and can feel the benefits to both my speed and strength in the pool.  My first session was a speed pyramid pull session, i wanted to start with a tough session!  I was impressed with the ease of fitting and lightness of them out of the water.  I was worried that you would loose feel with such a big paddle but the added grooves/holes allows you still to get a real feel of the water as you use them.

MP Hand paddles

The straps fit nicely and are easy to get on and off.  They are quick to adjust and it is possible to use the paddles just on the finger grip to help work on technique too.  The main thing i noticed was the ‘bone’ structure makes them feel comfortable and the raised ridges on the palm places the palm in comfortable cupped position.

I have continued to use these on a regular basis and really like them.  I have given my old Aquasphere ones away now as these are the ones i will choose for a session.  For those who do not have a pair of hand paddles, i would look at getting some as they help a huge deal with speed and strength.

Happy Training.

Beginning to Tri – Epp 5 – Light at the end of the tunnel, but with a few dark patches!

It’s really tough when its marathon season and all your friends are talking running and you are not allowed to!  Don’t get me wrong I am making progress with my injury, the limp is almost gone and I can now bend over to do my laces up (Tri Elastic laces have been my saviour for the last 6 weeks!)  I never realised how long 6 weeks without running or riding was but it feels like ages.  At least I have been able to swim.

I have tried the odd session out of the pool but after 5 – 10 minutes (I lasted 2 minutes on the Watt Bike!!) my leg feels like it’s on fire and I know that I have upset my back once again so sadly but sensibly I have realised this is a great time to build on my swimming.

So I have hit the pool on average 5 times a week, taken loads of advice on what training to do and tried to use the time to work on Speed, Endurance and technique!  I’m still loving the MP XCeed Goggles and found these to be a revelation to my longer training as they are comfy and don’t steam up.  Since upping my training It was suggested about getting some swim training gear, I already had a kick Float but bought myself a set of AquaSphere Hand paddles and a cheap waterproof MP3 to reduce the boredom of long endurance sessions.

Even though the MP3 was around £3 from China on ebay it works well, sounds ok and it reduces the boredom.  I love my hand paddles, I have taken swim session from a few places: 220, friends and articles of the web.  I already feel faster and stronger and hope that this is a real positive from not being able to ride or run.  I’m feeling confident to tackle phase 2 of my plan!

Phase 2 – Get out & Work hard!

I’m a member of my local David Lloyd and as well as 2 pools (It felt odd as I had to share a lane yesterday!!) The also have their own Tri Club with session lead by Rob Moore (Level 3 BTF Coach, BTF coach of the Year 2009!) I know him through work and he’s been a great help with my swimming and I feel it’s now time to hit the pool in one of his Tri sessions!  Also I have been invited along by a member of the Exeter Tri Club to their first open Water Swims on bank Holiday Monday.  I’m really looking forward to this as it gives me a great chance to try out the Zone3 Aspire wetsuit I currently have on test. (Review to follow)

I’m highly competitive and I know that going to his swim club will push me to train harder and I have several little bad habits with my stroke so I hope he will sort me out!  The chance to get into the sea and swim is one of the reasons I wanted to do Tri.  I love outdoor swimming but hardly do it without a leash on my ankle or kids in tow!

The Dark Patch’s!

So by reading all of this you would be led to believe recovery is going well and I’m coping, I’m not!   My physio has been great and has been understanding on the fact I want to get moving.  It doesn’t stop me getting frustrated with not being able to run or ride.  I can see the progress that I’m making but I’m not keen on taking drugs but I know I need to help with recovery! (Ibuprofen every 4 hours, 10mg Amitriptyline each night)  I have been better than ever on doing my stretch’s and trying to keep my back mobile, but every now and again I get really frustrated!

This week’s frustration came from visiting an NHS Physio!  I booked an appointment 6 weeks ago when I first became injured but as expected the waiting list is long.  I want to recover quickly so I had to bite the bullet and see someone privately.  Jenni from Quay Kinetics is great but my plan was to do that until I was seen by the NHS to reduce overall costs.  The physio wasn’t overly interested, once I had said I had been to see Jenni, his advice was to keep seeing her, follow her instructions and take my time to return to full on mode.

I came out of the consultation angry, why I had wasted my time!  Jenni is great and always at the end of a phone for advice and can see me after school so I don’t miss work.  I’m happy to continue to see her but it does cost!  I will have to plan for this now but the underlying annoyance was that the NHS physio felt I was too knowledgeable and motivated for their service and that I was better doing what I was!  With time I can see his point but it is frustrating that it was no help.  I will continue to see Jenni, She’s great and I know I will come back stronger and fitter.  I rang her and had a rant as she had asked me to ring her to say how it had gone and was very supportive, the rant helped and I hope seeing her on Wednesday will help further.

So my upcoming targets on my Begging to Tri journey is to hit Rob’s Swim session and get out in the sea.  At the moment the Dart Duo seems ages away but we are nearly in May, I can’t run more than 10 steps without pain but I’m happy how my swimming is coming on!  6 weeks of rehab done and I’m still not fully fit but I do see a shimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, let’s hope I’m blinded by the daylight soon!

Happy Training

MP Xceed Aquasphere Goggles Review

In my injured state of being banned from running or cycling for 6 weeks the parcel from @AquaSphereUk really lifted my mood and frustration as they have sent me a pair of MP Xceed goggles to test.  I’m a keen swimmer and aim to swim twice a week and with my injuries this has become 4 times.  I try and do a mix of speed, interval and long swims and due to a decision to take on a few Triathlons and Aquathons this season I have upped my swim training.

I have never bought cheap goggles but would not normal go as far as the £24.99 that the MP Xceed goggles retail at but after trying them for a month and completely agree with the saying “you get what you pay for!”.  Just getting them out of the packaging you noticed how low profile they are.  I know from the blurb they have been developed with Michael Phelps’s input and are designed for the competitive swimmer.

The packaging is designed to be a storage box which I love because it keeps them safe with all my other stuff in my kit bag.  Also in the box are three other sizes of nose bridges.  This really allows for easy fitting and was easy to swap if needed.  Lucky for me they fit first time with no need to change them (I did try the other bridges just to check though!)

When I put them on I noticed how easy they were to adjust as they had a central toggle adjustment on the strap.  They were very comfy on the eyes and were tight but I didn’t feel like my eyes were bulging!  Looking at them in the mirror I couldn’t believe how low profile they were.  I knew they had been designed with hydrodynamic properties but I never thought they would be this low profile.  The curved lenses made 180 degree vision easy, the boast of seeing the lanes either side clearly are very true.

So the real proof was in the swimming.  I decided my first session would be a straight forward 2km swim.  I decided to see how they fared without taking them off at all in the session.  I noticed straight away the clarity under the water.  I was amazed on how clear the vision was with these on.  The gasket around the goggles are very soft and never let 1 bit of water in!  Unlike the other goggles I wear they did not fog up at all through the session and never felt or needed removing.

Since this session I have done further sessions including a very tough pyramid sprint session and still find these goggles impeccable.  The MP Xceed come in clear, mirror and titanium mirror lenses which would make them perfect for competitive swimmers as well as triathletes as the mirror and titanium options would be perfect for both high glare pools and outdoor swims.

So do you get what you pay for? With these goggles, no you get a bargain! These are great low profile, good fitting goggles that would suit a keen regular swimmer and/or Triathlete.