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Aquasphere MP Tucson Jammers Review

I was given a pair of the Micheal Phelps Tucson Jammers to try out by AquasphereUk and i have had a few months now to give them a blast.  I have tried them both in the pool and the sea on their own but i have also tried them under my wetsuit. Price £31

When i first received them i was a little unsure about the print, not for the style as i like the design but the placing of it!  Talking to my wife she thought it may be like a big arrow pointing to parts that don’t need highlighting in Jammers!  Luckily this is not the case when you put them on! (Sorry not happy sharing those pics)

Now you could say Jammers are just Jammers but i have an odd shape body (Exe Rugby Player) i don’t always find the fit that great but i found these tight but not too tight and i found they keep their shape and are not baggy at the knees.  The top cut is good and the tie stays tied and tight too!  The Material it of a good quality and there is no risk of loosing your modesty due to it’s thickness but it is also lined with an inner so this is definitely not an issue.

They have been designed to be used for training with high chlorine resistance as well as being sun protective (Not that we have to worry too much in the UK!) and sun cream resistant.  I did fully agree with the fact they were quick drying too!

Now they don’t claim to make you swim faster, improve your turns or anything else that would be ridiculous but with a great fit and design they will help you focus on your training rather than adjusting your suit.

They have washed well (i just throw them in the machine with my towel and other kit!) and as they dry so quickly they can be used very regularly.  Now the colour way may look a little busy and this may put you off at first (Like me) but i have to say when it’s on it’s great.  Why can’t we have a little colour in our training kit?

If you are looking for some new jammers for you summer training then definitely consider these shorts.  They have a great fit, look good and will last the test of time!

Happy Swimming


Product Review – Zone3 Parka

With the British weather like it is and me venturing into Open Water training i was pleased when the guys at Zone3 sent me a parka to test at the same time as the Aspire Wetsuit (Review to follow soon).  There are several companies now selling post swim all weather parka’s to keep you warm but the price point of this one is lower than some other leading brands. (Currently £70)

When it arrived i was impressed with the quality and design.  The length and size was perfect for me (I have a large) and i liked the Black/grey colour split with the red stripe on the hood.

Looks are important but their comfort, durability and warmth is more important!  The wind and water resistant outer has served me well on several windswept trips to my local beach for sea swims and the cozyzone polar fleece is warm and doesn’t stay wet.

The 2 pockets on the inside are perfect for storing hat and goggles (Lower one) and the zipped upper is great for your phone, keys and wallet.  It even has a hole for your headphones to go through.

Parka 2

The open hem on the sleeves allow you to pull your arms in to get changed and i have found it easy to use as a changing tent rather than trying to hide within a towel!

I have to say that i have been using my parka more and more and find it the first thing i grab if heading to the beach, or race as it’s great pre and post event.  My biggest issue now is wearing it as since my wife has found how warm it is she is very reluctant to give it up when i get out of the water or finish a race!

If you are looking at getting a pre/post race jacket i would strongly consider the Zone3 Parka as it’s good value, good quality and a stylish bit of kit.  Just be warned that you may lose it quickly to a loved one, or number 1 supporter!